HD Skin Perfecting Powder

For all skin types.  Best Seller.

Light white transluscent powder.

This very fine, sheer powder is amazing, and is one of our favourites.  Use it as a primer or a setting powder, the very fine mineral particles smooth out the skin's surface creating a soft, flawless finish.  Still natural, and not complicated by preservatives and fillers, it delivers the perfect finish to your Liberty Foundation Powders.  It will help blend out uneven skin tone and blur the foundation powder.  It naturally absorbs oil, so use it as a primer on clean, moisturised skin.

This superfine powder needs a light touch, so make sure you read the Application notes below.


made and gorgeous in australia


  • Free postage anywhere in Australia
  • Silica
    • To Apply:  Tap a very small amount into a dish or lid, dab in the kabuki brush so that it collects some of the Skin Perfecting Powder (you will only need a little), invert the brush, and tap very well to disperse the fine particles well into the bristles of the brush.  This will reduce the amount of flyaway.  Slowly apply the HD Skin Perfecting Powder over your foundation, as you would normally.

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