Colour Matching

Only 30% of women are wearing the correct Foundation colour.  Are you?

Your Foundation creates the canvas for your makeup, so wearing the correct colour is essential. Make an appointment with Tristin in the Liberty Room and she'll help you find the correct colour Foundation for your skin tone and type.  If your're unsure how to use natural makeup, we'll even show you The Mineral Technique as well! The $20 booking fee is redeemable on product purchase.

  • We'll find the perfect colour Foundation for your skin tone and type.  The cost of $20 is redeemable in products purchased at the same appointment. Phone 0423 141 404 for bookings.
  • Health & Wellness Centre, 56 Coyne Street, Fadden.
  • The cost of the appointment is redeemable in products, purchased at the same day and time of the appointment. Colour Matching is only available in the Liberty Room.

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