Why we do the things we do

What's the fuss about mineral makeup and why has it become one of the most popular selling cosmetics in the past 15 years?

Just in our personal daily hygiene regime its estimated that we expose ourselves to over 200 chemicals!   If you think about it, most of us like to shower each morning with soap or body washes, apply deodorant, skin care products, moisturise hands and body, wash our hair with shampoos and conditioners and finish with hairsprays and volumisers, apply makeup and perfume, brush our teeth and gargle with mouth rinses.

If you read the ingredients list on all of these products, you have come close to exposing yourself to just over 100 chemicals in probably just under an hour. Throughout the day you may have reapplied lipstick several times, washed your hands 20-30 times, reapplied hand cream, face moisturizers and body sprays and spritzers, and your day might finish with skin care products to remove makeup and remoisturise your eyes and skin. We could of course go on and on, about the detergents, cleaners and sprays that are used in most homes, pretty much on a daily basis, but lets just focus on our personal regimes.

Unfortunately, most of the cosmetics available today are a concoction of chemicals and preservatives that are slowly absorbed through the skin. As these substances penetrate the skin they may cause allergies and skin irritations, and even worse compromise our immune system. Even though some of these ingredients are considered ‘safe’ in minute amounts, the accumulated effects of these products when used on a continual basis, is very concerning given that some of them are known carcinogens, hormone-disrupters and skin irritants.

Now, in a perfect world we could throw all of these toxic ingredients in the bin and banish them from our lives forever. But I for one, don't want to give up wearing makeup and lipstick, wash my face with soap, spray my hair with sugar and water, or work in an office of smelly armpits.

It's all about taking small steps to eliminate as many of these chemicals from our daily lives, and about making better choices for ourselves and our families. 

Makeup is on our face all day, for pretty much every day of the year. That's why making the change to a natural mineral makeup is a small step that can make a huge difference in the toxicity of our daily lives. You will however, need a slightly different technique to apply it. Please read 'The Mineral Technique' before you start out or contact us for help.

Liberty mineral makeup is completely natural and is made from only the finest ingredients.  After using Liberty Mineral Makeup you will notice a change in the health and feel of your skin. Your skin can now breathe and the pores are no longer clogged with preservatives, fillers, binders and dyes.

But beware!  Not all mineral makeup out there contains natural ingredients, or ingredients that are of the highest quality.

What to look for in mineral makeup foundation powders

True mineral foundation powders are made up entirely of a combination of the minerals mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxides, which when processed, become a silk like powder. These minerals are highly praised for their dewy, long lasting glow and excellent adhesion to the skin. They are naturally anti inflammatory, anti-microbial, non comedogenic (wont clog pores) and water resistant. Another natural plus is their built in sunscreen protection of SPF15.

The minerals used in Liberty cosmetics are of the highest salon quality. Our products are 100% natural, sourced from suppliers with vegan certification and we never test on animals. Liberty mineral foundation powders can safely be used post facial surgery and on dermabrased skin.

Our Liberty mineral foundation powders only contain a combination of 4-5 ingredients. Anything more than this, and you are probably looking at a product that contains excessive fillers and binders. Products that contain rice flour, tapioca flour and corn flour will require a preservative to maintain the foundation's shelf life, so at this point, we're really not looking at a true mineral foundation anymore. Many larger well known companies have produced a range of mineral foundations which are a regular foundation product with minerals added to it. This is why you might have been disappointed with mineral makeup in the past and not truly experienced how gorgeous they are.

What to avoid in mineral makeup

Bismuth Oxychloride
Not to be confused with Bismuth, which is a completely different substance.  

Bismuth Oxychloride is a naturally occurring mineral it can cause skin irritation. If you have used mineral makeup before and found it to irritate your skin, especially if you suffer from Acne or Rosacea, this maybe the culprit. Its often used for its pearlescence appearance and adhesive qualities. Instead look to the Liberty Ambience Light Reflecting Powder for added sheen for your foundation powders.

Quite often used as a filler to bulk out a product and for its silky texture. There is a huge question mark over talc particles which closely resemble asbestos (a potent carcinogen). Best left out of all products you use.

Corn Starch or Rice Flour
Both natural products used as fillers and to make a product cheaper. If not used in conjunction with a preservative the shelf life is about 3 months because of the risk of bacterial contamination. You wont be able to truly experience the wonderful benefits of mineral makeup when these ingredients are used.

Are used widely as preservatives. They are classed as endocrine-disrupting chemicals as they mimic oestrogen and can disturb hormone-balance within the body. Of particular concern in teenage years when the body experiences accelerated periods of development. Never ever found in Liberty products.

Mineral Oil & Petroleum derived ingredients
are derived from petroleum (as in petroleum jelly and sorbolene cream) and are used for their moisturizing properties. They soften the skin by holding water in but in effect hinder normal skin respiration which in turn may cause the skin to dry and crack - the very reason you might be using it. Known to be a human carcinogen (cancer causing). Never found at Liberty.

Heard a lot about Nanoparticles? It basically refers to the size of the particles of an ingredient. There is some question over the safety of micron sized (nano) particles namely that these nano sized particles can be absorbed through the skin, and hence into the system, rather than remain on the surface of the skin. Liberty products are safe!