Looking good at the office



Look great at work!   Our advice?    Keep it simple.  

Aim for a clean, fresh, groomed look.  Be remembered for the great job you do , not your Mad Mimi bright blue eye shadow, and bright red lips.   It may be your favourite look, but keep it for socialising.

Image 1.

Start with a clean and moisturised face.  You will get a much better result from your Foundation on well prepped skin.

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Above anything else, get your Foundation right.  Make sure your using the correct colour/tone for your colouring and look for one that is best matched to your skin type.  If you have trouble with makeup lasting all day or your skin isn't in great shape, use the Setting Powder as a primer as well as the final setting layer.   See the Foundation video.

Image 3.

Keep eye makeup minimal.  The temptation is always to use a lot of eye makeup if you love wearing eye shadow.  Instead keep eyes neutral.  You can also define the eyes with a dark eye shadow applied in a very soft fine line, with a fine chisel brush to the upper lid at the lash line and under the lower lashes .  To make the eyes look fresh, apply Liberty Eye Defining Lustre to the inner corner of your eyes.

Image 4.

Here's the secret......harsh lighting in offices and work places can make you look washed out, so use the Liberty Ambience Light Reflecting powder. As the name suggests it reflects light creating a slightly dewy, illuminated sheen to the skin.   Lightly dust a small amount across the outer 1/3 of the top of the cheeks just before you apply blush or bronzer, if you are using one.  You can also apply a very light dusting under the eyebrows, but don't be too heavy handed here, you only want to create sheen and light.


Keep the lips neutral or just go with a pale lip gloss.


You may want to add a bit of stronger colour on the lips, to bring a little more colour into your whole face.




Liberty Pressed Perfection Eye Shadow

   Original Sin

Liberty Eye Defining Lustre

Liberty Loose Powder Eye Shadow


Liberty Pressed Powder Blush

Pressed Mineral Blush 803


Liberty Lips


Lipstick 25c   or Lipstick 49n          Lip Gloss 46

                          50+                                             35+