Born on the beautiful York Peninsula, in South Australia, the passion for the country has never left me.  My family were farmers and even though it was a life of hard work and long days, it was also about long evening meals (of unbelievably great food) around the kitchen table with family, sharing good times with friends, and lots of laughter.  It was a life of balance. 

Even though I love my life in the city, and am reassured whenever David Jones is within my sites, its the country where I get my balance back and its where I'm reminded to pull back and refocus on a healthy life balance. 

When I discovered mineral makeup about 15 years ago I was in Southern Highlands getting my groove back.  I immediately fell in love with it.  It was so light and 'clean' on the skin, yet gave excellent coverage with a perfect finish.  My skin is quite oily, and this amazing makeup stayed on my face all day with no caking or slipping.  Once I was shown how to apply it properly (it was a dusty business until then!) I was sold!

Up until then I had never given any thought as to what cosmetics were made of.  A bit of research produced some rather alarming facts (see 'Why We Do The Things We Do) and what was even more disturbing was their affect on our long term health. 

While I had my routine squared away and I was trying hard not to be too judgy on my friends, it wasn't until I had my daughter, that the full impact of what we were putting on our bodies, or spraying around our homes for that matter, really meant.   

It was at this point that the idea of Liberty began to take shape.

Although I loved my mineral makeup and used nothing else, the companies selling it were traditionally alternative or rather gaurish.  I believed that mineral cosmetics  had well and truly earned their right of passage and belonged right beside the big traditional brands, and that they should no longer been seen as the 'compromise'.  I wanted Liberty to be a natural and conscious part of our lives, and the lives of our children.

Liberty is all about gorgeous. 

Our products are excellent quality and made from the finest, natural ingredients.  Our exclusive BioActive range has been 4 years in formulation and contain the exquisite  properties of plant extracts, such as Chamomile, Green Tea and Rosehip.   It is the finest, silkiest mineral foundation powder available. 

Because Liberty believes that women all around Australia should have access to our gorgeous products and our natural cosmetic knowledge, you will find us travelling around the regional Australia, as well as in the cities. Our Liberty Beauty Consultant Tristin Proudfoot, can help you with your perfect foundation colour match, and show you the slightly different technique you will need to apply mineral makeup for truly gorgeous results.

We look forward to meeting you (see our regional diary) and sharing our beautiful products with you, naturally ..........