Master Classes & Private Consultations

If you're not sure why Mineral Makeup is your best choice or have tried it in the past and been disappointed, then join us at a Liberty Master Class or book a Private Consultation and we'll unravel all the mysteries for you. 

We'll show you The Mineral Technique so that you can achieve truly gorgeous results, the natural way, and Tristin will help you with your perfect foundation shade and colour choices.

This is the perfect opportunity to take time out for yourself, and learn how to enhance your natural gifts, improve your corporate image or simply gain confidence using makeup.    

Why not make the most of our classes for a job interview, formals, some special Mother Daughter time or just getting together with the girls.

To book a private consultation send us an email at with your preferred dates and times, or phone us on 0423 141 404.

We hope you can join us soon!

I didn't know anything about makeup and wasn't sure what to expect, but your makeup class wasn't intimidating at all!  H, ACT
I loved the Summer Class, I now understand the SPF ratings on sunscreen and why mineral makeup is the best choice and how to use it.  Also received the perfect foundation colour match from Tristin.  I'm booking again Liberty, it was fun! Sally, Theodore.