Beauty: Springtime and your Liver...yes, Liver

September 09, 2013

Spring has finally arrived, and with it a wonderful sense of vitality and renewal. 

You might be noticing a few blemishes on your face though. Your skin might be a little more oily than usual or dark circles & puffiness might have appeared under your eyes.  You might even be feeling a bit cranky with the world!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring is about changes in the Liver too. 

To 'unburden' your liver a qualified TCM practitioner will suggest that you eat slightly less food and include lots of greens in your diet. Nibbling on sprouts, such as alfalfa or snow pea, is an easy way to get more green in to the diet. To help the detox process along also include bitter foods such as asparagus and quinoa.  Try and ease up on the processed foods and alcohol for awhile.

A simple detox using honey and apple cider vinegar (because its bitter) could be beneficial too.  Just mix 1 teaspoon of each into a cup of warm water and drink a half hour before meals.

Using some of the above, and including a short walk each day, can help bring your body back into harmony with spring.