NEWS:International Womens Day

March 06, 2015

Make It Happen.

On 8 March, women all around the world, will be painting it purple, to support this years International Womens Day theme, Make it Happen.

Celebrated since the early 1900's, it's not only a reminder of the long battle for womens rights throughout history, beginning with the brave suffragettes,  its also a celebration of the positives that we can all share in now.  We take it for granted in Australia that we have the right to vote, to be heard, or to be educated, but imagine your life without it?

Find out what events are being held near you, or simply wear something purple or put a purple ribbon on your car just to lend a bit of energy and support to this years campaign, 'to ensure that the future for our girls is bright, safe and rewarding'.

Celebrate women's achievements, call for greater equality and Make it Happen