Health:'The Secret Life of Breasts'

May 20, 2014

Did you watch 'The Secret Life of Breasts' which aired on SBS a few weeks ago?

Its another powerful reminder about how important it is to reduce our exposure to as many harmful chemicals as we can, and in particular, those that are thought to be endocrine disrupting and cancer causing.

It's a documentary based on the work of US environmental journalist Florence Williams who suggests that our breasts might actually be a hidden toxic waste ground.

We can all take small steps to reduce these chemicals in our daily lives.   Just in our personal daily hygiene regime alone, its estimated that we expose ourselves to over 200 chemicals. Reducing our daily exposure to chemicals doesn't have to be a big deal, it just requires a little vigilance on our part. 

For example, become more aware of the ingredients listed on the products that you buy, not only on food but products such as makeup, body washes and hair products.  

At first glance it might seem that you need a double major in science to work your way through the rather complicated alphabet consuming names.   But really all you need to do is hone your skills on finding which chemicals  you don't want to find in your products, such as parabens and phthalates.

Have a look at our 'Why we do the things we do' to find out why we are so passionate about Mineral Makeup.  It's not only about the fabulous results you get, but its also about looking after our health.



Small steps making a huge difference!


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