July 03, 2017

In Chinese medicine, the practice of living in harmony with the natural cycles of the seasons, is believed to bring about good health.

Winter is considered to be a time to slow down and conserve our strength.  It's a time to be reflective and restful while storing away your energy, in time for renewal in Spring.

During winter, focus on eating warming foods such as soups and stews, garlic, ginger and lots of root vegetables.  They help us warm the body's core and help keep us nourished in the colder months.  Ensure you get plenty of rest, even going to bed earlier if you need to, stay warm especially around your neck and lower back where your kidneys are,  and just don't overdo it.

In essence, if you want to hibernate, go for it.  It's your body telling you to slow down and conserve energy over winter!  

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